what kind of coffee table to get for sectional couch

Finding the Perfect Coffee Table For Your Sectional Couch

When picking out a coffee table for a sectional couch, one must take into account the style, size and shape of the room. The perfect table can serve as an anchor to draw the room together and finish the look.


There are many different styles of coffee tables that can suit the style of sectional sofa. Choosing a style to match your couch will help to create an overall sense of harmony in the room.

  • A Sleek and Modern Coffee Table: If your sectional couch is modern and contemporary, choose a table with clean lines and minimalistic accessories. Glass or mirrored tables are always a great choice for keeping the room looking larger and airier.
  • A Rustic Coffee Table: If your room is inspired by a rustic, vintage or shabby-chic theme, choose a table with a unique, worn-in look. An antiqued or distressed wooden table can offer a lovely contrast of textures and colors.
  • A Contemporary Coffee Table: If your couch has an eccentric and eclectic look to it, look for an unusual coffee table to follow suit. Choose tables with quirky shapes and unexpected colors, to create a fresh new style.

Size & Shape

When picking out a coffee table, its important to measure the length of your sectional couch and pick out a table that’s the same length or slightly longer. Also be aware of the shape of the room and the layout of the furniture to choose the best shape of the table.

  • Rectangular Tables: Rectangular tables are ideal for sectional sofas with curved pieces. It can also be used in L-shaped seating arrangements.
  • Round Tables: Rounder tables are great for creating an inviting atmosphere. They are popular for large, square-shaped rooms with corner sofas or sectionals.
  • Oval Tables: Oval tables can span long sectionals, making them great for larger rooms.

Finding the perfect coffee table for your sectional couch doesn’t have to be difficult. Just remember to keep the style and shape of the room in mind when making your selection, and you’ll have your ideal table in no time.

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