what kind of coffee table should i use outdoors

Getting The Perfect Outdoor Coffee Table

Upgrading your outdoor space can feel like a daunting task– getting the perfect furniture set can seem like an impossible feat. However, a great start to creating a cozy and stylish outdoor area is by finding the right coffee table. Here we outline what kind of coffee table will work best in an outdoor space:

Consider the material

When selecting an outdoor coffee table, the most important thing to consider is the material. You should choose a table made of weather resistant material such as wicker, metal, or stone. Wicker is a great choice for durability, it is also lightweight and not prone to rust. Metal tables, such as those made with stainless steel, are resilient and rust-resistant. For a more classic look, stone or concrete is a great option as it’s durable and adds a touch of luxury.

Utilise the space

When deciding on a coffee table, it is important to consider not only the material, but also the size and shape of the table. You should opt for a shape and size that fits the size and shape of your outdoor space– an oversized table can look overwhelming and take away from the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space. Additionally, don’t forget the importance of storage. Tables with built-in cabinets or drawers provide extra storage but still maintain a compact and functional design.

Ensure Quality

Lastly, it is important to make sure that you take quality into consideration. Even if you opt for a budget friendly option, make sure that the materials and construction are up to par with all outdoor furniture standards. Choose a table that has a durable and all-weather coating to prevent water damage.

To sum it up, when selecting the perfect outdoor coffee table for your outdoor space, you should consider:

  • Material:Choose weather and rust-resistant materials such as wicker, metal, or stone
  • Shape & size:Choose a shape and size that fits the size and shape of your outdoor space
  • Storage:Choose a table with built-in storage to take advantage of the extra space
  • Quality:Choose a table with durable materials and all-weather coating

By following this guide you will be sure to find the perfect outdoor coffee table for your space.

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