what kind of coffee table looks good with a sectional

What Kind of Coffee Table Looks Good with a Sectional?

Here are few tips to help you choose the right coffee table for your sectional:


  • Opt for a coffee table with a design that complements the sectional. The shapes, materials, and colors should be in line with the overall look of the living room.
  • For a sectional with simple, modern lines, a minimalistic rectangular or round coffee table would work best.
  • For a sectional that is more traditional, a coffee table with heavier detailing and a classic style would be a better choice.


  • Size does matter when selecting the right coffee table for your sectional.
  • Choose a coffee table with a width that is two-thirds of the length of the sectional.
  • The coffee table should not be too small or too large, so it can accommodate both seating and table top space.


  • Look for a coffee table made of sturdy materials, like metal or wood.
  • The top surface should be a strong, durable material, like glass, marble, or stone.
  • Avoid coffee tables made of fragile materials, like wicker or rattan.

By taking the design, scale and material into consideration, you will be able to pick the perfect coffee table for your sectional.

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