what kind of coffee table goes with a sectional couch

Choosing the Right Coffee Table for Your Sectional Couch

A sectional couch is a great way to provide plenty of comfortable seating in a room without taking up too much space. The right coffee table can tie the look of the sectional and the room together. Here are some tips to help you choose the best coffee table to go with your sectional couch:


  • Choose a style that complements your sectional couch. Look at the design—does it have a modern, contemporary look or more of a traditional style? Select a coffee table that compliments and complements the style of the sectional.
  • Look at materials. Does the couch have a wood frame or metal frame? Does it have wood or metal accents? Choose a coffee table with the same material or one that complements the material of the sectional couch.


  • Measure. Measure the length and width of the sectional couch and use these dimensions to compare with the size of the coffee table you plan to buy. The coffee table should be approximately two-thirds the length of the sectional and should sit no more than one or two inches below the height of the couch.
  • Shape. If your sectional has an unusual shape, consider an oval or round shaped coffee table to balance out the angles. If you have a traditional shaped sectional, opt for a rectangular shaped coffee table that’s long enough to provide adequate space for drinks and books, but not too large that it overwhelms the room.


  • Think about the function of the space. Will the room be used for reading, playing games or just relaxing? Choose a coffee table that best complements the uses of the space. If it’s used to play games, select one with built-in shelves to store game pieces and accessories.
  • Consider storage. Select a coffee table with drawers or shelves to store books and magazines. If you plan to use your sectional as a comfy spot to relax, opt for a coffee table with an ottoman underneath so you can prop up your feet.

Selecting the right coffee table for your sectional couch is an important decision. Be sure to think about style, size, shape and function. With the right coffee table, your sectional couch and room will look complete and inviting.

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