what kind of coffee table goes with a sectional

Coffee Tables That Complement Sectionals

The centerpiece of the living room is often the sectional and choosing the right coffee table for the seating arrangement is important for both function and style. Here are a few ideas for what kind of coffee table to choose:

Multifunctional Tables

A great way to maximize functionality in your living room is to opt for a multifunctional table like an ottoman with a removable tray. These pieces not only provide a place to extend the seating of the sectional, but they also provide a great surface area to put drinks, food, magazines, or whatever else you need.

Glass Tables

If you want to make a bold statement, a glass table, especially a new acrylic one, can add an upscale touch to the space. Glass tables can also be great for small spaces since their transparency helps create an open and airy feeling.

Round Tables

Round tables are great for sectionals, especially if you have curvy sides on yours. The lack of edges eliminates a busy feel, and the smooth curves of a round table will soften the angles of the sectional while still maintaining a modern look.

Dark Wood Tables

For a more classic look, try pairing the sectional with a dark wood table. The wood will add warmth and character to the room, often becoming the focal point. Dark wood can easily be paired with a variety of styles, from modern to traditional.

Consider Proportions

It’s important to consider the size and shape of both your sectional and table. Visualize the proportions, pick a height, and take measurements to ensure everything looks balanced.

To finish off the look, accessorize the table to make it fit within your overall design scheme. Add texture and interest with:

  • Potted plants and bouquets
  • Trays or boxes
  • Cozy throws and decorative pillows
  • Books and artwork

Choosing the right coffee table is a great way to tie together the whole space and create a well-designed, functional room. With the right pieces and accessories your coffee table can become the perfect accompaniment to your sectional.

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