what kind of coffee table for reclining sectional

How To Choose The Right Coffee Table For A Reclining Sectional

Finding the perfect coffee table for your reclining sectional can seem like a daunting task. You want something that is functional and stylish, but it needs to fit the design of your sectional and the other furniture in the space. So, how should you go about selecting the coffee table that will best complement your sectional? Here are some tips:

Consider the Shape

The most important factor in choosing a coffee table for your reclining sectional is its shape. A round or oval coffee table works best for a round or curved sectional as it softens the edge of the sectional and will not obstruct movement. For a straight, rectangular sectional, a rectangular or square table is the better choice.

Choose the Size Carefully

The size of the coffee table should also be taken into account. Too small, and it might look out of place, while too large and it could interfere with access to the recliners. The standard size for a coffee table in relation to a sectional should be approximately two thirds the length of the sofa.

Look at Materials and Finishes

It is important to consider the materials and finishes used. If you have a sleek, contemporary sectional, then a glass top or bright solid color will work well. For a more traditional or cottage style, look for a wooden or metal table with a natural finish. The cushion color and material of the sectional should be reflected in the coffee table as well.

Consider Surface Space and Storage Needs

How much surface space do you need from the coffee table? Do you need any storage, or just something to display decorative items? Many coffee tables come with shelves and drawers, so you can keep remotes, magazines, books, and other accessories close at hand.

In summary, choosing the right coffee table for your reclining sectional can be a challenge, but if you consider the shape, size, materials, finishes, and storage needs, you’ll be sure to pick the perfect piece for your space.

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