what is the usual height of a coffee table

What is the Usual Height of a Coffee Table?

Coffee tables are a popular furniture item throughout homes and cafés. Since they are such a common item, it is important to know the typical height of a coffee table.

Living Room Coffee Table

The typical height for a coffee table in a living room is around 16-18 inches. It is important for the coffee table to be the same height as the seat of the sofa or chair to maintain visual balance and comfort when reaching for items on the table.

What Affects the Height?

There are a few factors that may affect the height of your coffee table. Consider the following when determining the best height for your home:

  • Couch or Chair Height: The height of your couch or chairs surrounding the table will determine the most appropriate height for the table.
  • Style: Different furniture styles may require different table heights. For example, a round coffee table works best when it is a few inches lower than the seat of the chair or couch.
  • Size of the Table: When you factor in the size of the table, you may want to adjust the table’s height in order to keep the visual balance of the space.


The average height for a coffee table in a living room is typically between 16-18 inches. However, there are a few factors that may influence this height such as the height of the couch or chair, the size of the table and the style of the furniture. Consider all of these elements to ensure that you have the best fit and visual balance in your space.

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