what is the standard size of coffee table

The Standard Size of a Coffee Table

When shopping for furniture to complete a living room, choosing the right sized coffee table is essential. A coffee table is typically placed in the center of the room as a focal point and serves as a functional piece of furniture to set books, magazines and coffee cups. Here is an overview of the standard measurements and size of a coffee table.

Length and Width

Coffee tables typically range in length from 36 inches (91 cm) to 48 inches (122 cm). Standard coffee tables usually measure around 16 to 18 inches (41 to 46 cm) in depth and are about the same height as a sofa. If the sofa has a low base, then the coffee table should have a low base as well—about 16 inches (41 cm) from the floor.


Coffee tables usually come in four standard shapes: square, rectangular, round, and oval. Here is a brief overview of each shape:

  • Square– Works well in a small room and has a contemporary look and feel
  • Rectangular– The most common shape and often requires more floor space
  • Round– Also requires more floor space but is great for creating conversation areas
  • Oval– Has the same functionality of a rectangular table but with soft, curved lines

Size Considerations

When selecting a coffee table, note the height and width of the sofa it will be placed in front of. A good rule of thumb is to look for one that is two-thirds the length of the sofa, or choose one that is slightly smaller than the sofa. As for width, the coffee table should not be wider than the sofa it is placed in front of. For heavier items such as books, choose a larger and stronger coffee table.

No matter what size or shape you decide on, carefully measuring the room and accounting for the size of the sofa it will be placed in front of is key to selecting the perfect coffee table for your space.

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