what is the size of a coffee table book

What is the Size of a Coffee Table Book?

Coffee table books have long been a staple for interior design. Whether you’re looking for a book to add depth to your living room décor or have recently acquired a coffee table set and need to find a display-worthy book, you’re likely asking yourself “what is the size of a coffee table book?”

Standard Coffee Table Book Size

The average size of a coffee table book is 10” x 12”. Most books produced with a coffee table in mind are this standard size. It’s not too large that it takes up an entire table, yet still provides enough room to make a statement.

Other Common Sizes for Coffee Table Books

Although 10” x 12” is the standard size for a coffee table book, there are variations from this size depending on the look and feel you’d like to create. Coffee table books may be as small as 8” x 10” or as large as 12” x 16”. Here’s a breakdown of common coffee table book sizes:

  • 8” x 10”
  • 9” x 12”
  • 10” x 12”
  • 12” x 16”

Choosing the Best Size of Coffee Table Book

When it comes to selecting a coffee table book, the size is key. Here are a few factors to consider when deciding which size is right for you:

  • Interior décor: Select a size that pairs well with the interior design of the given room. For a room with bold colors, select a larger size to make a statement. Conversely, for a minimalistic room, stick to a smaller coffee table book.
  • Table size: Think about the size of the coffee table. What looks proportionate? The coffee table’s size relative to the size of the book matters.
  • Use as decor: Make sure an item like a candle, vase, or plant has enough room. Only one or two items at most should share the coffee table with the book, so make sure the book’s dimensions leaves enough room to make the décor statement you’d like.

Ultimately, the size of a coffee table book is up to the taste of the individual, but understanding the different common sizes and factors to consider when selecting a size can help narrow your search. Now you can find the perfect coffee table book for your living room!

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