what is the meaning of coffee table book

What Is a Coffee Table Book?

A coffee table book is a large, hardcover book that often features glossy photographs and artwork on the cover. It typically is displayed as decoration on a coffee table, hence the name. Although they vary in feel and content, coffee table books are usually meant to be looked at or browsed, rather than read from start to finish.

Features of a Coffee Table Book

Coffee table books typically have the following features:

  • Large Size: Coffee table books are typically larger than standard books and are sometimes referred to as “oversize” books.
  • Heavy Weight: Coffee table books are considerably heavier than standard books.
  • Glossy Title Page & Covers: The front and back covers of a coffee table book are usually laminated or made of glossy paper.
  • Lack of Dust Jacket: Coffee table books do not usually feature a dust jacket.
  • Beautiful Images & Artwork: A coffee table book usually contains many beautiful photographs, illustrations, or artwork.

Purpose & Types of Coffee Table Books

The purpose of coffee table books is to provide a decorative element and something to browse through or ponder. Coffee table books can feature many subjects and topics, including:

  • Photography: Many coffee table books feature photography from around the world.
  • Art: There are many art books that provide in-depth looks at various artists and their work.
  • Fashion: Some coffee table books cover the world of fashion, highlighting beautiful fabrics, designs, and accessories.
  • Culture & History: Certain coffee table books offer a closer look at different cultures and their history, as well as their current state.
  • Current Trends: Coffee table books may also feature various current trends, such as lifestyle and wellness trends.

Coffee table books have become a popular form of home décor and can be a great way to add a touch of personality to a space. They also make a great gift for anyone who enjoys books and interesting art or photographs.

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