what is the height of coffee table

What is the Height of a Coffee Table?

Coffee tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and one of the key factors to consider when choosing one is the height. Knowing the correct height for a coffee table can help you select one that best fits within your living space.

Ideal Coffee Table Height

The ideal height for a coffee table is typically between 16″ and 18″ high. This measurement works well in most living rooms, allowing the table to be easily accessible and allowing enough space underneath it for people to place their legs and feet.

Although the standard height is between 16″ and 18″, taller sizes of 22″ and 25″ are also available. Taller sizes are suitable for larger living rooms, or if you don’t plan on sitting directly next to the coffee table. They also offer more space underneath for storage of books, magazines, and other items.

Other Factors for Coffee Table Height

The height of your sofa or chair should also be taken into account when selecting a coffee table. The height of the table should be lower than the height of the seat of your sofa or chair, with a few inches of clearance left.

If you plan on using the coffee table for dining, there are also standard dining table height measurements you should follow. Generally speaking, a dining table should be between 28″ and 30″ tall for comfortable seating.


The ideal height for a coffee table is typically between 16″ and 18″. However, if needed, tables of height up to 25″ are available. Wherever possible, you should also consider the height of the sofa or chair, and the intended purpose of the table when selecting the height.

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