what is the glass coffee pot called

What Is a Glass Coffee Pot Called?

Are you a coffee enthusiast looking to add more style to your morning coffee session? Then you may want to consider investing in a glass coffee pot, also known as a “cafetiere”, “French press”, or a “press pot”.

What Is a Glass Coffee Pot?

A glass coffee pot is a brewing device designed specifically for making coffee. It typically consists of a cylindrical pitcher with a plunger and filter screen in the bottom. Coffee is brewed by placing coffee grounds in the pitcher, slowly pouring hot water over them, and allowing it to steep for four minutes. Finally, the plunger is slowly pushed down, separating the grounds from the brewed coffee.

The Many Names of a Glass Coffee Pot

Due to its popularity, the glass coffee pot has been given various names all over the world. Here are some of the most common:

  • Cafetiere: This is probably the most widely used name for a glass coffee pot and originated in France.
  • French Press: This name is a good indication of the origin of the glass coffee pot.
  • Press Pot: This name describes the core function of the glass coffee pot – pressing the plunger to extract coffee from the grounds.


Making coffee with a glass coffee pot adds a bit of art and style to your coffee-making experience. Whether you call it a “cafetiere”, a “French press”, or a “press pot”, it is sure to make every cup of coffee a memorable one!

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