what is the coffee table in top gear

What is the coffee table in Top Gear?

The coffee table, often referred to as the ‘Top Gear’ table, is the main location used for the filming of the British TV series Top Gear. The table is centered between the studio lights and microphones, which sit atop a backdrop of a racing track.


The legendary coffee table first appeared on the show in series 4, when the show was totally relaunched in 2002. Shortly after, it was instantly recognized as an iconic television furniture staple.


The coffee table is made up of four glossy black steel rectangular panels, mounted on a low-profile mount. The table top is marked with the Top Gear logo, while the edge is painted red. This reflects the show’s signature style. It also serves as a great contrast between the often-competitive conversation at the table.


The coffee table is used for a number of activities during Top Gear. Here are a few examples:

  • Show Discussions: The main use of the coffee table is to have conversations between the three hosts. Here, the hosts can talk about cars, provide product reviews, and discuss industry news.
  • for displaying products: The coffee table also serves as a convenient space for displaying products related to the show. This might include car magazines, auto parts, or anything that has to do with the performance and design of cars.
  • Game Play: During some occasions, the table is used as a place to play games such as the ubiquitous car-based card games. This is a great way for the hosts to bond, while viewers can see how their knowledge and skills compare to the professionals.

The coffee table in Top Gear is a staple furniture piece which has become an icon in regards to car culture and car-based television shows. If you ever get the chance to appear on the show, pay close attention to it!

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