what is the coffee table in top gear

What is the Coffee Table in Top Gear?

The Coffee Table from the popular British TV show Top Gear is an iconic symbol of the show. It is a piece of furniture that has been used for some of the show’s most memorable and outrageous stunts and challenges.


The Coffee Table was first introduced to Top Gear in 2002 as a prop for stunts and challenges. Its original design was a simple pine table, but as the show became more popular, it was upgraded to a more elaborate and flashy design. The current iteration of the Coffee Table is made from red steel piping, decorated with white racing stripes and a British racing flag on the top.

Top Gear Challenges

The Coffee Table is featured in some of the most outrageous challenges in Top Gear. It is often used as a jumping ramp for cars, as well as a makeshift track for stunts. It is also used as an obstacle for cars to navigate around, or a platform for drivers to perform stunts on. In one challenge, the drivers had to drive around the Coffee Table and fire a rocket launcher at a target.

Popular Culture

The Coffee Table from Top Gear has become an iconic symbol of the show, and has appeared in numerous pop culture references. It has been featured in video games, films, and on merchandise. The Coffee Table has even had its own Twitter account, and has been the subject of many jokes and memes.


The Coffee Table from Top Gear has become an iconic symbol of the show, and has been used in numerous challenges and stunts. It is a fondly remembered piece of furniture that is beloved by fans of the show.

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