what is the best glass coffee pour over

What is the best glass coffee pour over?

Pour over coffee makers are becoming increasingly popular with coffee lovers, as they make it easy to brew a perfect cup of freshly-ground coffee. Whether you’re looking for a more flavourful and aromatic cup or want to make sure the brewing method you’re using is the most sustainable – Pour overs are a great choice.

Out of all the available pour overs, glass pour overs consistently come out on top. Glass pour overs allow for more control over your brew, as you can visually observe exactly what’s happening. Below are some of the best glass coffee pour over options available.

Kalita Wave

The Kalita Wave is a classic pour over coffeemaker which comes in two versions; 155 and 185. The 155 is ideal for a single mug, whilst the 185 can make 2-3 cups at once. The Wave has an incredibly flat wave filter which helps to lock the heat in while creating an even extraction, resulting in a full-bodied and consistent cup of coffee.

Hario V60

The Hario V60 is a popular pour over brewer which is made from a single piece of heatproof glass. It has a unique design that allows for a more concentrated flavour and a perfect cup every time. It also has a ridged spiral pattern on the insides for improved water circulation.

Kinto Slow Coffee Brewer

The Kinto Slow Coffee Brewer is a unique pour over that features a built-in carafe. It has an exquisite design that will make a beautiful addition to any kitchen and is perfect for brewing 1-2 cups at a time. The filter is cone-shaped with an extra filter on the bottom that keeps sediment and oils out of the finished product.


If you’re looking for the best glass coffee pour over, your choice will come down to the type of brew you like and the number of cups you plan on making. The Kalita Wave, Hario V60 and Kinto Slow Coffee Brewer are all great options when it comes to glass pour overs.

Advantages of using a glass pour over:

  • Visualise what’s happening
  • More control over the brewing process
  • Improved flavour and aroma
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly

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