what is that glass coffee drip thing

What is that Glass Coffee Drip Thing?

Do you remember seeing glass contraptions with carafes of water beneath them filled with coffee grounds on the counter of a specialized coffee shop? That contraption is called a manual coffee maker, or what is commonly known as a “drip coffee maker”. Manual coffee makers are the pinnacle of flavor and the perfect example of DIY coffee brewing.

Why Use a Drip Coffee Maker?

Drip coffee makers provide many benefits:

  • Consistent Flavor – Unlike traditional French Press brews, manual drip brews offer more consistent flavor.
  • Perfectly Controllable – Manual drip coffee makers let you control the temperature and amount of water used in the brewing process, providing an exceptionally superior cup of coffee.
  • Control of Coffee Quality – Grinding your own beans rather than buying pre-ground coffee, provides an unparalleled level of control over the quality of the coffee.

How Does It All Work?

The manual drip coffee maker is a simple device that uses gravity to brew coffee.
The components of a manual drip coffee maker are the glass carafe and the filter cone, which is placed on top of the carafe.

First, freshly ground coffee is placed in the filter cone. Water is heated and poured into the filter, allowing the hot water to drip through, slowly extracting the flavorful coffee oils and tasting notes.

The brewed coffee collects in the carafe, ready to be enjoyed.

The Joy of Manual Brewing

At its core, manual drip brewing offers a more interactive and enjoyable experience than traditional automatic drip coffee makers. It’s an old-school way of making coffee that is sure to surprise and delight both experts and novice coffee drinkers. Manual drip brewing is a great way to enjoy the simple pleasures of a perfect cup of coffee.

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