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All About Coffee Tables: What Is The Standard Height?

Coffee tables are essential pieces of furniture for many homes and their standard height is very important to get right. Knowing the ideal height will ensure that your coffee table seamlessly fits into your living room and looks stylish.

The Standard Height of a Coffee Table

A coffee table’s standard height is typically between 16″ and 18″ tall. The most common coffee table height is around 16″ since this ensures that the piece is low enough for people to be able to reach over and access items on the table. A coffee table height of 18″ is good for taller couches and sofas.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Coffee Table Height

When selecting a coffee table, there are a few factors to keep in mind:

  • Couch height: The height of your couch can impact how high your coffee table should be. Ideally, the top of the coffee table should be level with the seat cushion of the couch.
  • Room size: The size of the room that the coffee table is in can also influence the height that it should be. In a larger room, you can choose a higher table, while in a smaller room you might opt for a lower table.
  • Table shape: Coffee tables come in many shapes, such as rectangular and round. The shape of the table can also have an effect on the height that is chosen since round tables tend to be taller than rectangular ones.


Overall, the standard height of a coffee table is around 16″-18″ tall. However, it is important to consider the height of the couch and the shape and size of the room to ensure that the table looks stylish and fits seamlessly into the space.

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