what is gishwhes 2015 coffee table book

What is Gishwhes 2015 Coffee Table Book?

Gishwhes is short for the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen and it is an annual international scavenger hunt that was founded by Misha Collins in 2011. For 2015, Gishwhes created a unique coffee table book that celebrates the creativity and ingenuity of Gishwhes participants.

What the Coffee Table Book is About

The Gishwhes 2015 coffee table book is made up of photos, sculpture, drawings and other artworks created by Gishwhes participants as part of the international competition.

The book features works of art submitted by Gishwes 2015 team captains, who created the art themselves or with their teammates. Each page of the book tells a unique story, showing the incredible creativty and talent that the Gishwhes competition inspires.

How to Purchase the Book

The Gishwhes 2015 coffee table book is available for purchase from the Gishwhes website. It is a full-color, 130-page book that is a must have for anyone interested in the Gishwes competition or who wants to explore the creative and imaginative works of art that have been created by Gishwhes participants.

The book makes a great conversation starter and is an excellent way to show off all of the creative works and projects created by the Gishwhes participants in 2015.

What You Will Find Inside the Book

The book includes:

  • Photography– Photographs of unique projects and achievements from Gishwhes 2015.
  • Sculpture – A variety of sculptures and artworks made from a variety of materials.
  • Drawings and Paintings – Creative drawings and paintings from Gishwhes 2015.

The Gishwhes 2015 coffee table book is a great way to celebrate the amazing creativity and artistry made possible by Gishwhes participants. It is a beautiful and unique way to get to know the stories, art and projects that were part of Gishwhes 2015.

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