what is german for coffee table

What is German for Coffee Table?

Coffee tables are an important part of furnishing in many living rooms around the world. As such, people may be interested in learning what their name is in German.

German Word for “Coffee Table”

The German word for “coffee table” is “Couchtisch”, which literally translates to “Couch Table”.

Designs of German Coffee Tables

German furniture makers have a strong tradition of designing beautiful and well-crafted coffee tables that are available in various designs. German designs range from sleek and modern to rustic and classic. Coffee tables may come in:

  • Wood – Wooden coffee tables, either solid or veneer, are popular choices in Germany, particularly those made of cherry, oak, beech and maple.
  • Glass – German glass coffee tables are either goblet shaped or rectangular, and come in a variety of styles.
  • Marble – Marble tables are often elegant and timeless, with unique unique shapes and intricate inlays.
  • Metal – Metal coffee tables are an excellent choice for modern or industrial styles, with stainless steel, iron and aluminum all being used.


In conclusion, the word for “coffee table” in German is “Couchtisch”. German furniture makers have a strong tradition of crafting beautiful wooden, glass, marble and metal coffee tables in various styles to suit different tastes.

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