what is coffee table in french

What is Coffee Table in French?

Coffee tables are an integral part of many living and work spaces, but you may be wondering what coffee table is called in French. In French, coffee tables are known as either tables basses or tables de salon.

Tables Basses

The term tables basses literally translates as “low table” in English and typically refers to a large table that is situated at a low height. This type of table is usually placed in the living room or other social area and is most often used to put drinks, snacks, and other items within reach of those seated on chairs or sofas. Additionally, tables basses can also be used to display decorative items and furnishings.

Tables de Salon

Tables de salon is another way to refer to a low-rise special type of table which is placed in a living area. This term is often used to refer to an ornamental table reserved specifically for drinks and light snacks. This type of table is generally very decorative in nature and can significantly enhance the design of the living room or sitting area.

Options for Tables Basses and Tables de Salon
Those looking to incorporate a coffee table into their home or office have many options available to them:

  • Wooden coffee tables – These type of tables are usually crafted from robust materials and offer a classic, timeless look.
  • Glass Coffee tables – Glass tops provide an elegant, sophisticated and modern look.
  • Wicker Coffee tables – Wicker coffee tables have become increasingly popular, as they are made from natural, eco-friendly materials.
  • Metal Coffee tables – Metal coffee tables offer a sleek and minimalistic design, making them quite popular.

In conclusion, there are many different types of tables basses and tables de salon available to choose from, allowing anyone to incorporate a coffee table into their home or work space. By understanding the French language equivalents, shopping for a suitable table should be a breeze.

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