what is a rectangular coffee table worth in animal jam

What is a Rectangular Coffee Table Worth in Animal Jam

Finding out what a rectangular coffee table is worth in Animal Jam can be tricky. There are a few different things to consider when valuing this item. The rarity, size, color, and even the amount of wear and tear it has can all influence the item’s worth.


The rarity of the rectangular coffee table is one of the most important things to consider when determining its worth. Rare items tend to be worth much more than non-rare ones. The rarity of the table can be determined by looking at the number of stars it has next to its name in the game. Five stars indicate a rare item.


Another consideration when determining the value of the rectangular coffee table is the size. A bigger table is usually worth more because it takes up more space. When placing it in your den, it also gives you more storage and seating potential.


Something else that influences the worth of a rectangular coffee table in Animal Jam is its color. Some colors are rarer and more valuable than others. For example, the teal color is one of the rarer and more valuable tones available.

Wear and Tear

Finally, the amount of wear and tear the table has can also play a role in determining its worth. An item that is in great condition is usually worth more, as compared to one that has seen more use (and more damage).

Overall Value

Overall, the final value of a rectangular coffee table in Animal Jam depends on a variety of things. Taking into account the item’s rarity, size, color and condition, you can determine what it is worth. Rectangular coffee tables can range from being worth 50-250+ gems.

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