what is a glass coffee maker called

Glass Coffee Maker

A glass coffee maker, also known as a pour over coffee maker, is a coffee brewing device that stands over a cup or other coffee container to drip hot water over coffee grounds.

Benefits of a Glass Coffee Maker

Glass coffee makers are an alternative way of brewing coffee that comes with several benefits:

  • Easy to Use: The simple design of glass coffee makers makes them easy to use and makes it quick to learn how to make the best cup of coffee.
  • Health Benefits: A glass coffee maker does not require paper filters or single-use capsules, which can both add chemicals and other unhealthy substances to your cup of coffee.
  • Environmentally Friendly: The materials used to build a glass coffee maker can all be recycled, making the brewing process more eco-friendly.
  • Cost Effective: Glass coffee makers are a cheaper way to get your daily cup of joe than buying pre-packaged coffee and single-serve capsules.

How to Use a Glass Coffee Maker

To use a glass coffee maker, you need to start by adding your desired amount of ground coffee to the filter and then wetting the grounds with hot water. Wait a few moments for the coffee to bloom, then pour more hot water over the grounds, wait for it to drain, and then serve. Once you’re done, rinse out the filter and enjoy your cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Types of Glass Coffee Makers

Glass coffee makers come in a variety of styles, from casual pour over cone makers to more advanced devices that include a carafe and filter holders. Depending on what type you purchase, your glass coffee maker could include different accessories like a thermal carafe for keeping coffee warm, or a stopwatch for timing your pour for a more precise cup of coffee.


Glass coffee makers are an easy and cost-effective way to make a delicious cup of fresh-brewed coffee. The health, environmental, and financial benefits of using a glass coffee maker make it a great choice for anyone who wants to enjoy a quality cup of joe.

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