what is a glass coffee maker called

What is a Glass Coffee Maker Called?

Glass coffee makers are becoming increasingly popular as they provide a delicious cup of joe without the need for paper filters. But what is this type of coffee maker actually called?

What Is a Glass Coffee Maker?

A glass coffee maker is a brewing system that is composed of primarily glass components. This type of coffee maker functions similar to a regular automatic drip maker, but rather than a metallic filter, it uses a cloth filter or a reusable steel mesh filter that is suspended in the glass carafe.

Benefits of a Glass Coffee Maker

There are many benefits of a glass coffee maker over a traditional automatic drip brewer. These include:

  • No Need for Paper Filters: As glass coffee makers use a cloth filter or a reusable metal mesh filter instead of paper filters, this eliminates the need to buy single-use paper filters. This makes glass coffee makers environmentally friendly.
  • Easy to Clean: Glass coffee makers are much easier to clean than conventional automatic drip brewers. As they are mainly composed of glass, they are much easier to keep clean and require less maintenance.
  • Better Taste: As paper filters do not need to be used, this means that the natural oils from the coffee beans are not trapped in the paper filter, resulting in a better-tasting cup of coffee.

What Are Glass Coffee Makers Called?

The type of coffee maker that is primarily composed of glass components is known as a pour-over coffee maker. This type of coffee maker is ideal for those who want to take their time to make a perfect cup of joe, as well as benefit from the convenience of not having to use paper filters.

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