what is a coffee table wedding album

What Is a Coffee Table Wedding Album?

A Coffee Table Wedding Album is a combination of a wedding album and coffee table book, providing a unique and tangible record of your special day. It is a wonderful way to share your special day with friends and family as it allows for an interesting and interactive way to present your photos.

Features of a Coffee Table Wedding Album

A unique feature of a Coffee Table Wedding Album is that it provides you with a physical item showcasing your wedding photos, rather than photos on a computer or phone. It also offers a more interactive experience compared to a regular wedding album. Below are some key features of this item:

  • It allows for a larger format than a standard wedding album – pages in an average Coffee Table Wedding Album range from 12” x 8” to 12” x 12”.
  • It also allows bigger prints than a typical wedding album.
  • It features lay-flat binding so that photos are not distorted or cut off on the spine.
  • It allows for creative customisation of the design.
  • It is a perfect conversation starter – everyone who visits your home will be sure to ask you to show them your photos.

Advantages of a Coffee Table Wedding Album

A Coffee Table Wedding Album provides several advantages over other types of albums.

  • The larger format allows your photos to be printed in full colour, bringing out the vibrancy and quality of the shots.
  • It also allows for creative presentation options such as layering, collaging and adding in your own custom designs or text.
  • The finished album is also usually spiral-bound and includes a special dust-proof, laminated cover.
  • It is a unique and memorable keep-sake of your special day.
  • It is a quality product and makes the perfect addition to any home.


A Coffee Table Wedding Album is a great way to showcase your wedding photos in a memorable, tangible way. It also provides many advantages over traditional albums, such as its larger format, lay-flat binding, and customisable design. So, if you’re in the market for an album to remember your special day, a Coffee Table Wedding Album is an ideal choice.

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