what is a coffee table called in england

What is a Coffee Table Called in England?

For most people, a coffee table is just a standard piece of furniture that can be found in lounge and living rooms of most homes around the world. But did you know that the same type of table has a different name in different countries?

The English Name for the Coffee Table

In England, the same type of furniture is often referred to as a “low table”. People may also refer to it as an “occasional table,” since it usually serves an occasional purpose in rooms.

Uses of Low Tables

Low tables are usually used to provide a central location in the room to place objects. Common uses include:

  • Serving food and drinks: A low table is the perfect size for serving hors-d’oeuvres, appetizers, and drinks to your guests.
  • Holding decorative items: Low tables can be used to display items such as vases, books, magazines, flowers and other objects.
  • Game playing: Low tables are big enough to accommodate board games, puzzles, and other types of entertainment.

Benefits of Low Tables

Low tables can provide a few advantages in a room, including:

  • Flexibility in placement: Low tables don’t require any special skills to move. You can easily pick up the table and move it to a different part of the room without any difficulty.
  • Can save space: Low tables are typically smaller than the standard coffee table and can fit into smaller spaces without creating an overcrowding sensation.
  • Stylish and practical: Depending on the design, a low table can be a stylish addition to the room. They are also quite practical as they can serve several purposes.

So, next time you’re in England, remember that the same type of piece of furniture that you’re probably used to calling a “coffee table” is actually referred to as a “low table.”

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