what is a coffee table books

What Are Coffee Table Books?

Coffee table books are large, hardcover books that often feature interesting photography, artwork and well-written text on topics of general interest. These books often have minimal text but large, glossy images to provide visual appeal. Coffee table books are popular amongst people who love to read, decorate their living spaces, and discuss interesting topics.

Types of Coffee Table Books

There is a wide variety of types of coffee table books, including:

  • Art and photography books – Many of the most popular coffee table books feature stunning photography, artwork and fashion designs.
  • Travel books – Coffee table books about travel make great conversation starters. They often feature beautiful photos taken by professional photographers.
  • Pop culture books – Pop culture books feature a fun and humorous look at different eras in history.
  • Cookbooks – Coffee table cookbooks often feature stunning photos of food, as well as interesting recipes.

Uses of Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books can be used in many ways. They often serve as conversation starters and decoration pieces in living rooms. People can place these books on a coffee table, side table, shelf or mantle with one or two books opened to a specific page. This gives everyone in the room something interesting to discuss and look at. Coffee table books can also be used as gifts, as they usually contain interesting facts and photographs that everyone can enjoy.

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