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The Perfect Coffee Table Size

Coffee tables are essential pieces of furniture for your family room or living room. Choosing one that is the right size and shape can help to bring the room together and ensure everyone has the perfect spot to relax.

Factors to Consider

Before you decide on the size of your coffee table it is important to consider:

  • The Room Size – Measure the room and make sure that the coffee table will fit nicely with the other furniture.
  • The Sofa & Chairs in the Room – Measure the furniture and ensure that the coffee table will be a comfortable distance from them and not be an obstacle.
  • The Types of Activity – What will be using the coffee table for? If you want to use it for puzzle completing or board games then an oblong shape might work well.

Ideal Measurements

Now you’ve decided on what shape and size of coffee table fulfils the requirements of the room, how long should it be? Generally speaking, if you have a large sofa and chairs then you should find a table that measures around 38-46 inches in length. Under normal circumstances, this gives you ample room for people to put their feet up and also have a spot for food and drink.

Smaller coffee tables work too with smaller sofas and chairs. Tables that measure between 28-36 inches are ideal for rooms where space is more limited.


When looking for the perfect coffee table size, it is important to consider the room size and the type of activity it will be used for. A good starting point for measuring the ideal length for the table is 28-36 inches for smaller rooms and 38-46 inches for larger ones. Making sure your new coffee table is the right size will ensure everyone in the family feels comfortable and has enough room to relax.

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