what happened to spotify coffee table jazz playlist

What Happened to Spotify’s beloved Coffee Table Jazz Playlist?

It’s no secret that Spotify’s Coffee Table Jazz Playlist was one of the streaming service’s most popular choices for their jazz-loving subscribers. The playlist reached over 2 million followers and managed to introduce the genre of jazz to a wide variety of fans.

But recently, users of the streaming service have noticed that the playlist seems to have mysteriously disappeared. After becoming one of the more highly sought after tracks, where did the playlist go?

Reasons Behind the Disappearance

The primary reason why the playlist has been removed from Spotify is believed to be copyright issues, or conflicts between Spotify and the music labels that own the rights to many jazz tracks.

Spotify could be attempting to negotiate a better deal with the labels and as such, has taken down the Coffee Table Jazz Playlist.

What Can Jazz Fans Do?

Despite the sudden disappearance of the playlist, Jazz fans don’t have to worry. There are several alternate options that jazz fans can turn to for the same kind of music experience.

  • The Coffee Table Jazz Club

    Fans can still find a number of great and classic jazz tracks over at the Coffee Table Jazz Club. There are playlists, albums and singles to choose from with more new choices updated regularly.

  • Jazz Radio

    Jazz Radio is another great place to find jazz music. It offers a wide variety of jazz tracks, from the classic to the more modern, and is great for jazz lovers of all tastes.

  • Esperanza Spalding’s Radio Music Society

    Singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Esperanza Spalding has her own Jazz radio show, the Radio Music Society. Here you’ll find some of Esperanza’s favorite tracks, as well as some of the genre’s best.

As you can see, there’s no reason for jazz fans to be worried just yet – there are plenty of great alternatives to Spotify’s departed Coffee Table Jazz Playlist.

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