what happened to spotify coffee table jazz playlist

What happened to Spotify’s Coffee Table Jazz Playlist?

For many years, the Spotify Coffee Table Jazz playlist has been the go-to for jazz fans looking for a relaxing soundtrack to the end of the day. Sadly, however, it appears that the playlist has been removed from Spotify for unknown reasons.

History of the Playlist

The original Coffee Table Jazz playlist was created in 2014 and quickly gained popularity among Spotify users. It featured several of jazz music’s most beloved tracks and was created as a way of taking a break from other less relaxing genres. The playlist was updated periodically, with new songs being added to keep the selection fresh and engaging.

What Happened to the Playlist?

The playlist was removed from Spotify in late 2020 without any explanation. Spotify user forums are filled with speculation as to why the playlist was taken down, but the cause is still unknown.

Replacement Playlist

Although Spotify appears to have removed the original Coffee Table Jazz playlist, there is a new replacement playlist which is proving popular among jazz fans.

The new “1 Hour of Jazz” playlist offers a wealth of relaxing and soulful songs, and some users believe it to be even better than the original. Here are some highlights:

  • Miles Davis – All Blues
  • John Coltrane – Giant Steps
  • Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong – Summertime
  • Bill Evans – Waltz for Debby

So although the original Coffee Table Jazz playlist may be gone, Spotify’s replacement offers a range of tracks to satisfy any jazz fan. In time, the new playlist may even become more popular than the original.

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