what happened to dan and phil’s coffee table

What Happened to Dan and Phil’s Coffee Table?

In April 2020, Dan and Phil, two well-known YouTubers, broke the internet with a tweet that had everyone asking “What happened to Dan and Phil’s coffee table?”

The Initial Tweet

It all started on April 7th when Dan and Phil posted a tweet featuring a picture of themselves looking sad and surrounded by the wreckage of their beloved coffee table. The tweet read “Our coffee table is broken. Please send help.”


The Twittersphere reacted in shock and confusion. People were desperate for answers asking “What happened?” and “What did you do?”. Dan and Phil mentioned a ‘mysterious force’ in their replies but refused to provide any further details.

The Truth

It later emerged that their beloved coffee table had indeed been destroyed – by an overzealous fan.

The fan had been asked to leave the house after asking for a tour but was so excited to meet Dan and Phil that they couldn’t resist running back inside to give them a hug. Unfortunately, their enthusiasm ended up costing them dearly when their enthusiastic hug collided with the coffee table, causing it to crack in half!

The Aftermath

It was a sad day for Dan and Phil, who had adopted the damaged coffee table after it was abandoned by a previous owner. Fortunately, it looks like the damage wasn’t all bad.

The fractured halves of the table were taken apart and re-purposed, with Dan and Phil using the legs to make smaller tables for other areas of the house, such as the desk.

Dan and Phil remain philosophical about the events saying “we could never have predicted this would happen but, if it hadn’t, we never would have been able to craft some of the furniture we now have in the house”.


The mystery of what happened to Dan and Phil’s coffee table was finally solved, showing us that even in the worst situations, you can always find a silver lining!

Lessons Learned

We can all learn a few lessons from Dan and Phil when it comes to dealing with unfortunate situations:

  • Be flexible: Be willing to make changes to make the most of any situation.
  • Be creative: Look for new ways to use what you have.
  • Be positive: No matter how difficult the situation is, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

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