what grit sandpaper for coffee table

What Grit Sandpaper Should I Use on My Coffee Table?

When it comes to doing DIY projects around the house, you may sometimes be wondering which grit sandpaper you should use. In this article, we’ll discuss which grade of sandpaper should be used when sanding down your coffee table.

Choosing the Right Grit Sandpaper

Choosing the right grit sandpaper will ensure that you will get the desired finish on your coffee table. Here are some key tips to remember when choosing the right grit:

  • Choose a coarse grit if you are dealing with a thicker coat of varnish, lacquer or if the surface is quite scratched. Coarse grit sandpaper will remove the layer of sealer more quickly and leave a slightly rougher finish.
  • Choose a medium grit if your coffee table has only a few scratches and is lightly varnished or lacquered. This will enable you to get a smooth and even finish.
  • Choose a fine grit if you want to achieve a super-smooth, glossy finish. Fine grits are also suitable for polishing the surface of the coffee table.

Common Grits for Coffee Tables

These are some of the common grits used for sanding coffee tables:

  • 60-grit: great for removing scratches and quickly prepping the surface.
  • 100-grit: perfect for refining a rougher surface.
  • 120-grit: ideal for giving your coffee table a smooth finish without changing the shape of the wood grain.
  • 180-grit: perfect for polishing the wood and giving it an even sheen.
  • 220-grit: ideal for giving your coffee table a glossy, mirror-like finish.


Sanding down the surface of your coffee table is a great way to make it look new again. By using the right grit of sandpaper, you can achieve a smooth, even finish and give your furniture a stunning new lease of life.

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