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Coffee Table Decor

Adding a few trinkets and decorations to your coffee table makes a great addition to your living room décor. Here are a few items you can keep in mind when styling your coffee table:


Books are a great way to decorate your coffee table with little effort. Group together a few books in different sizes and colors for an interesting display.


Fresh bouquets and plants are an easy way to bring some color and life to your coffee table. Choose potted plants for a more long-term option, or faux flowers for permanent decorating.


Candles provide an atmospheric feel and come in numerous sizes, colors, and styles. Fill unique candle holders with colored or scented candles for a warm, inviting atmosphere.


Put a few items together in a tray to add definition to your coffee table. Trays come in a variety of materials, styles, and sizes and make it easy to change up the look of your coffee table décor.

Vases and Bowls

Large bowls and vases can make a striking statement on a coffee table. Fill the bowl with objects such as sea shells, or place fresh fruits or florals inside the vase.

Figurines and Ornaments

Add interest to your coffee table with decorative objects, such as figurines, statues, ornaments and sculptures. Choose items in a style or color theme to tie in with the rest of your décor.

Decorative items can add a unique touch to your coffee table, no matter what design-style you choose. Rotation is key for keeping the style of your room alive. Update your coffee table with the seasons, or just have fun and experiment with different pieces for a fresh, new look.

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