what finish for live edge coffee table

Choosing The Right Finish For Your Live Edge Coffee Table

Having a beautiful live edge coffee table can truly elevate the ambience of your living room. Finding the right finish for your coffee table to suit your style can be daunting, with many decorative possibilities available. This article will provide guidance on choosing the best finish for your live edge coffee table:

Types of Finish

Live edge coffee tables can come with a few types of finishes:

  • Sealers: Sealers provide a protective barrier against water and staining, giving the wood a matte, natural finish.
  • Oil: Oil, such as tung oil, has a more satin effect and tends to provide more durability and easier to maintain.
  • Varnishes: Varnishes are great for adding shine and brings out the best in wood grain.
  • Urethanes: Urethanes, another type of coating, provide an extremely durable finish.

Factors to Consider

  • Before you decide what type of finish you should go for, there are a few factors you should consider:
  • Location: Where is the live edge coffee table going? Are you placing it in an area with high-humidity levels, or a dry area? Your location will determine what type of finish is optimal.
  • Weight: Consider the weight of your live edge coffee table. Heavier furniture (e.g. sofa tables) may require sturdier finish such as urethanes.
  • Design: Do you prefer a matte finish, or a more glossy finish? Varnishes and urethanes produce more reflective finishes than oils and sealers.
  • Maintenance: Do you want to maintain your coffee table with ease? Oils and urethanes tend to require less maintenance than other finishes.


There are many types of finishes available to complement the natural beauty of a live edge coffee table. We recommend considering your location, design and maintenance needs to determine the best finish for your live edge coffee table.

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