what do you put on your coffee table

Decorating Your Coffee Table

The coffee table is an integral part of any living room or lounge area. It’s a space to place drinks, snacks, and it can also be used to show off your favourite decorations. But what should you put on your coffee table? Here are some ideas to get you started.


Books are an excellent addition to any coffee table. Whether it’s a style book with pictures of how to arrange your furniture, or a family photo album. A selection of books makes your coffee table look well-decorated and stylish.


A nice bunch of flowers will never go wrong on your coffee table. A simple vase with a bouquet of flowers adds a touch of elegance and beauty to your living room.


Candles are always a nice addition to a coffee table too. They provide a calming atmosphere, enhance the lighting in the room and make your coffee table look even better.


Trinkets or small sculptures add another dimension to your coffee table. This could be anything from a piece of decor that you inherited or something you bought recently. The possibilities are endless.


Adding a small lamp to a corner of your coffee table is a great way to provide additional lighting. It also adds a nice touch of style that will bring the whole living room together.


Cushions are great for making any space more comfortable, including your coffee table. Placing a few brightly coloured cushions on the coffee table will make it feel more inviting and cosy.

Remote Controls

Remote controls are often a must-have in any living room or lounge. To avoid them looking out-of-place, put them into a simple wooden box and place them neatly on your coffee table.

A Tray

Finally, a tray can bring all of the above together. Use it to organize all your coffee table items, such as remotes, books and candles.

These are just a few ideas of what to put on your coffee table. Use your creativity to come up with new ideas and make your coffee table stand out.

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