what do you put on a glass coffee table

Coffee Table Style: What to Put On a Glass Coffee Table

What you put on your glass coffee table can make or break the entire living room décor. Glass coffee tables are both elegant and modern, but can seem unfinished without the right accessories. Read on to discover just what pieces create a perfect look for your glass coffee table.

Decorative Bowls

A decorative bowl is an excellent option. It can provide some texture on the glass surface while simultaneously adding in some hints of color. Create a fun centerpiece with a few decorative balls in a bowl, or pick a bowl with gorgeous detailing to be the focus of the table.

Plants and Flowers

Living plants or fresh flowers can also create a stunningly beautiful look that is also wonderfully fresh. Choose one large plant for a dramatic effect, or group together several small plants for a fuller look.

Books and Coffee Table Books

If you love to read, this is a great way to express your passion and style in your living room. Arrange a few interesting books alongside one large impressive tome for maximum impact. Or, for a more modern style, showcase some beautiful coffee table books with large visuals.

Unique Art Pieces

If you love art, adorn your glass coffee table with some small, special pieces to show off your style. Sculptures, vases, and paintings all make beautiful additions.

Candles and Trays

Create the perfect cozy atmosphere with candles and trays. Place some brass or silver trays on the table and arrange some colorful candles – votive going a popular tray option – along with some interesting natural décor to make the area look completely pulled together.

Must-have Accents

For that final touch, add in these following items:

  • A Decorative Tray – perfect for holding all your items in one place
  • A Vase of Flowers – always a classic décor addition
  • A Few Candles – especially if you’re going for a cozy atmosphere
  • A Unique Piece of Art – carefully select something that speaks to you
  • Some Books or Magazines – perfect if you love to read

Finding the perfect items for your glass coffee table doesn’t have to be difficult. We’ve shown you just a few ideas that can create a beautiful, stylish and unique look that you’ll love.

Happy decorating!

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