what do you put on a glass coffee table

Choose Your Coffee Table With Care

Purchasing a glass coffee table is a great way to bring a modern touch to your living room or entertainment area. Glass looks great with almost any kind of furniture and makes a divider seem non-existent, allowing the living space to look bigger. Before you purchase a glass coffee table, there are a few things to consider.


Safety is an especially important factor if you have children in the home. Choose coffee tables with tempered or laminated glass that is more difficult to shatter in an accident – either should hold up under pressure.

Size and Style

Measure the area that you want to place the coffee table in and make sure that you leave enough room for guests to comfortably walk around. Make sure the coffee table is proportional to the furniture surrounding it – a large, square table in a small, circular room won’t look great.

You’ll also want to pick a design that works with the rest of the furniture and home décor. Choose a style that goes with the architectural style of the room, such as traditional or modern. For example, a glass coffee table with metal legs and edges fits better into a modern setting.

What to Place On a Glass Coffee Table?

Now it’s time to find the perfect decoration for your glass coffee table. Here are some ideas:

  • Books: Books make great decorative accents, especially if they are in interesting colors or have interesting designs on them.
  • Flowers: A classic item, fresh flowers or silk flowers in a vase make a great centerpiece.
  • Unique Object: You can also show off a piece of art or a unique item you found on a recent trip.
  • Candles: A classic décor item, candles on a glass coffee table also give off a great ambiance.

No matter what you decide to decorate your glass coffee table with, it should always bring a sense of style to your space. Choose the items that will bring out the beauty of the table and make it stand out.

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