what do you put on a glass coffee table

Creating the Perfect Vibe with Glass Coffee Table Accessories

A glass coffee table creates a timeless feature in any living space. Its sleek aesthetic creates a modern and minimalist effect, giving your home a contemporary look without overwhelming the room. To give your coffee table the full effect, adding a few key accessories can really make it stand out.


Lighting is a great way to brighten the atmosphere and create the perfect mood. Their versatility and various shapes, colors and textures, give you plenty of options. Here are some of the best lighting options for your glass coffee table:

  • Candles: The soft flickering of a candle can add instant relaxation to any room. Place them near the edges of the table or in the middle to give your coffee table a gentle glow.
  • Lamp: If you’re looking for more of a visual pop, a lamp can easily be placed on the coffee table. You can get creative with colors, shapes and sizes.
  • String lights: For an easy and romantic touch, opt for some fairy lights. You can scatter them on the coffee table to give it a stunning effect.


Incorporating decorative pieces into your coffee table setting gives it a stylish and refined look. Here are some ideas for giving your glass coffee table the perfect touch:

  • Books: For a classic look, opt for a collection of hardcover books. The traditional black and white material brings an old-world charm to your table.
  • Table accents: Choose a few trinkets to dazzle your guests. Opt for pieces like a statement bowl or an eye-catching sculpture.
  • Plants: Place a few potted plants in a corner of the table to bring a touch of nature into your living space.

A glass coffee table can become a beautiful feature in any home if you choose the right accessories. Lighting, decor and other pieces can give your table a complete look. These simple ideas can help you achieve the perfect vibe for your living space.

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