what do you put on a coffee table tray

Things to Put on a Coffee Table Tray

When it comes to decorating your coffee table, a tray can be a great addition that adds style and personality to your living space. With a few key pieces, you can decorate your tray in a way that brings life to your coffee table while leaving room for a spot of coffee and a few snacks above.


Books are an obvious choice for creating an inviting and cozy atmosphere to your coffee table tray. Wallpaper a selection of books of different sizes for a stylish and elegant touch. Stack them horizontally for an eclectic look, but be mindful that filling the entire space of your tray won’t leave room for other items.


Who says you can’t bring some life and color to your coffee table? Add a few simple flowers to you tray to brighten up your tray and add that little touch of nature. You can pick a few flowers from your garden, or put some of your favorite flowers in a small vase.


Adding a few of your favorite candles to your tray creates a warm and cozy atmosphere. Choose some interesting candlesticks to give your tray a unique and stylish look. You can even pick matching ones in different sizes and stack them on either side of your tray to create an elegant and balanced look.

Magazines or Journals

If you’re looking for something interesting to add to your tray, magazines and journals can provide a great conversational piece for guests. Pick a few of your favorite magazines and stack them on top of each other for a balance between function and décor.

Tray Accessories

Think of every tray as a blank canvas, that way you can add in accessories according to your own style. A few possibilities are:

  • Figurines: These can be interesting and eye-catching pieces to add to your tray.
  • Coffee Mug: Fill a small cup or mug with coffee beans or grounds for a unique and functional touch.
  • Basket: Small baskets are also a great addition to coffee tables as they can be filled with a variety of objects and act as storage as well as décor.

A tray on your coffee table is the perfect way to add style and personality to your living space. With a few thoughtful choices, you can create a tray that acts as a piece of décor but also brings purpose to your coffee table.

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