what do you put in a coffee table basket

What Do You Put In A Coffee Table Basket?

Coffee tables are an essential item in the home, but can often be overlooked when it comes to styling. A coffee table basket is a great way to add texture and visually interesting elements to your coffee table. Here are some items to consider adding to your coffee table basket:


Book are a great addition to a coffee table since they add a sense of sophistication as well as a story. If you want to make a style statement, try adding books that are brightly colored or have other unique textures to draw attention to them.


When choosing items for your coffee table basket, don’t forget to add some items with texture, such as ceramic pieces. Ceramics come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from vases and planters to figurines and trinkets.


Adding plants to the coffee table is a great way to bring life into the room and make it feel inviting. Whether you choose succulents, lowlight plants, or flowering plants, they are sure to bring a unique touch to your table.


Candles are another great way to bring warmth and ambiance to your coffee table. Choose candles in containers that match the theme of your coffee table, or opt for travel tins, votives and tealights.


An assortment of small trinkets is a great way to make your coffee table unique. Trinkets could be anything from key chains and figurines to rocks, shells and coins.

When styling your coffee table basket, don’t be afraid to mix and match items to create an interesting and eye-catching display. Add a few bold-colored items to make it stand out, or keep it simple with just a few pieces. No matter what you choose, your coffee table basket will be sure to add the perfect touch of style to your space.

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