what do u put on a coffee table

Creating an Inviting Coffee Table

The coffee table is one of the most prominent pieces of furniture in your living space. It’s often the focal point of your entertainment area that people’s eyes are drawn to. The right choice and arrangement of items on your coffee table can add warmth and vibrancy to your home.

Choose a Focal Point

You’ll want to choose one main item that serves as the focal point of your coffee table. This can be something fun and unique like an interesting sculpture, candleholder, vase, bowl, or tray. Choose your item carefully; it should reflect your personal style and blend in with the surrounding decor.

Other Items to Include

Apart from your focal point, there are many other items you can include that contribute to a warm and inviting atmosphere:

  • Books and Magazines – Make sure you choose books that really reflect your personal style and interests. Leave out coffee table books that get dusty over time due to lack of use.
  • Flowers and Plants – A nice floral arrangement – real or faux – adds vibrancy and life to your coffee table. Alternatively, plants, like succulents, add a unique and homey touch.
  • Decorative Objects – This could be items like stones, shells, or anything that sparks creativity. These items should be interesting, but not so busy or cluttered that they take away from the focal point.
  • Candles – A nice scented candle or candleholder is another great way to create a warm atmosphere.

Arranging and Maintenance

Once you’ve chosen all the items you want to adorn your coffee table, it’s time to arrange them. Make sure the focal point is at the center of the table, and layer in all the other items around it. Make sure you’re paying attention to size, color, and texture of all the items.

Also, don’t forget to clean off your coffee table regularly. Wipe any dirt, dust, or spills as soon as they occur. Doing a full cleaning every few weeks will help you maintain the beauty of your coffee table, and ensure your home stays inviting and comfortable.

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