what do i put on my coffee table

What Do I Put on My Coffee Table?

The coffee table can be a centerpiece of any living room, it is a great place to store useful items, display decor pieces, and also add a personal touch to the space. Therefore, it is important to choose items for your coffee table carefully.

Functional Items

Functional items can add color and personal style to the coffee table while providing additional uses.

  • Remote Controls: A stylish remote control holder can provide handy storage while adding a decorative display to your table.
  • Magazine Rack: A magazine rack is a great way to store reading material while also giving a stylish look to the table.
  • Coasters: Coasters are a great addition, elevating your mug or glass while protecting your table from condensation.
  • Planter Box: A planter box is a stylish and practical choice for a coffee table. Add a small potted plant to complete the look.

Decorative Pieces

There are many decorative pieces that can enhance the decor and create a personalized look.

  • Candles: Candles can provide a warm and inviting atmosphere while adding a classic style to any table.
  • Photo Frames: Photo frames are a great way to display memories or art pieces in a decorative way.
  • Statues: Statues, sculptures, or figurines can be great conversation pieces and a stylish addition to any room.
  • Books: Books can add a kid of ‘bookshelf’ look to any table and are useful if you need a quick reference.

When decorating your coffee table, try to strike the perfect balance between practical and decorative pieces. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different items, and you’ll soon have a coffee table that perfectly reflects your style.

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