what do britains call a coffee table

What Do Britons Call a Coffee Table?

Coffee tables are a timeless classic, often found in most homes in the United Kingdom. Whether you’re sipping a mug of warm tea or reading a book, these furniture pieces are popular for their practical use in the living room. While Britons appreciate their coffee tables, there’s one thing most of them would agree on – the name. What do Britons call a coffee table?

History Behind the Name

The name “coffee table” dates back over a century. It became popular in the early 1900s when people would entertain guests in their home and serve light refreshments on decorative tables. The moniker “coffee table” was used to distinguish the tables from dinner or tea tables as these were often used for entertaining guests with coffee, tea and snacks.

Common Names

The most common name Britons use for a coffee table is just that – a coffee table. However, there are some other names out there used by some people. Here are some of the names Britons call a coffee table:

  • Cup Table: This is a slang term used by some.
  • Low Table: This is used to refer to a coffee table that sits lower than normal height.
  • Cocktail Table: This is an old English phrase used to describe the large, round coffee tables used to place drinks on.
  • Center Table: This is used to describe the large coffee tables found in the center of a living room. These are often referred to as coffee tables as well.


In conclusion, the most common name for a coffee table used in the United Kingdom is “coffee table.” However, there are some other names used to describe this classic piece of furniture, such as cup table, low table, cocktail table, and center table. No matter which name you choose, a coffee table is sure to add style and practicality to any living space.

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