what costs more glass coffee table or wood

What Costs More: Glass Coffee Table or Wood Coffee Table?

When choosing a coffee table for your home, you want to make sure to find the right balance between style and practicality. But which type of coffee table costs more – glass coffee table or wood coffee table? Let’s take a look at each type of coffee table and decide which one is the more expensive option.

Glass Coffee Table

Glass coffee tables provide a sleek look to any living room, making them a popular choice for many homeowners. Advantages of glass coffee tables include:

  • Durable: The tempered glass used in glass coffee tables is very durable and can hold up against regular use.
  • Visually Appealing: The clear, shiny surface of a glass coffee table adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space.
  • Easy to Clean: Because of their glossy surface, glass coffee tables are very easy to clean with a damp cloth and require minimal upkeep.

Glass coffee tables often come at a higher price, so if you are looking for a more affordable option, wood may be the better choice.

Wood Coffee Table

Wood coffee tables are known for their timeless and classic look, often becoming the focal point of a room. These coffee tables come in an array of designs and colors, making it easy to find the perfect fit for any decor. Some of the advantages of wood coffee tables include:

  • Sturdiness: High-quality wood coffee tables are extremely sturdy, making them the perfect option for families with young children and pets.
  • Versatile Style: Wood coffee tables come in a variety of styles, so you can customize your coffee table to fit the aesthetic of any space.
  • Easy to Maintain: Wood coffee tables require minimal upkeep and can be easily wiped down and buffed up with furniture polish.

Wood coffee tables are typically the more affordable option when compared to glass coffee tables, making them a great choice for those who are on a budget.


Both glass and wood coffee tables have their advantages and disadvantages. Glass coffee tables provide a modern look, but typically come at a higher cost than wood coffee tables. Wood coffee tables are generally more affordable, but require regular maintenance and may not fit in with certain interior design styles. Ultimately, which type of coffee table you choose should depend on your personal preference and budget.

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