what color couch goes with a smokey black coffee table

What Color Couch Goes with a Smoky Black Coffee Table

When choosing a couch to pair with a smoky black coffee table, it helps to consider the overall design style of the living space. Here are some color options and ideas to help you find the perfect couch:


Neutral colors such as beige, gray and white are great options for couches that will pair nicely with a smoky black coffee table. These tones create a sense of balance and help to keep the living space looking clean and inviting.


Greiges add subtle sophistication to a living space and look great against a black coffee table. This hue, a mix of gray and beige, creates a subtle contrast that grounds the space and results in a timeless look.


If you want to add energy and vibrancy to the living space, opt for a bright-colored couch. Choosing a hue such as emerald green or royal blue will create a fun, vivid environment!

Trendy Hues

There are many trendy colors out there right now, including navy, blush, marigold and terracotta. These colors pair beautifully with a smoky black coffee table, instantly elevating the look of the entire space.

Bold Hues

When you’re ready to make a statement, try out a bold color such as red, navy, or black. These colors instantly add personality to the room and instantly make the black coffee table become the centerpiece of the room.

No matter which color couch you opt for, it’s sure to be beautiful when paired with a smoky black coffee table. Choose a hue that complements your style and the overall vibe of the living space!

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