what color coffee table with grey couch reddit

What Color Coffee Table With Grey Couch Reddit?

A grey couch is an excellent choice for a room’s main furniture piece, as it is a neutral tone that allows you to introduce other colors and an element of sophistication to the room. So, what color coffee table would you pair with your grey sofa?

Choices for a Grey Couch

The options for a coffee table to pair with a grey sofa are plentiful. Depending on the specific hue of grey your couch is, you can choose any one of these attractive shades:

  • Light grey: For a light grey couch, choose a lighter shade of the same color, like white, cream, pastels, or even a soft pink.
  • Medium grey: A medium grey couch is best paired with a darker shade of the same color, like darker grey,or other muted colors like navy, olive, brown, or mustard.
  • Charcoal grey: A charcoal grey sofa will look best when paired with a bold pop of contrasting color, like yellow, rainbow, teal, or green.

Redditors agree that the key to picking the perfect coffee table for your grey sofa is to keep the shade within the same color family. Also, if you can’t find a shade that matches perfectly, you can always opt for a wood coffee table and add a bold colored or patterned rug to complement your sofa.

Popular Coffee Tables for Grey Couches on Reddit

Here are some popular choices on Reddit for a coffee table to pair with a grey couch.

  • Glass: Clear or tinted glass is a popular choice on Reddit, as it allows you to show off its beautiful design while creating the illusion of more space in the room.
  • Wood: Natural wood is another popular choice because of its durability and classic look. Whether you choose a light or dark wood finish, it pairs nicely with a grey couch.
  • Metallic: Metallic coffee tables are an excellent way to add an elegant touch to the room. Brass or copper fixtures can brighten up the room without feeling too dark or overwhelming.
  • White: White coffee tables are a great way to open up the room, create a fresh look, and still keep the neutral tones of the room.


A grey couch is a versatile decision for any room, but finding the perfect coffee table to pair with it can be a challenge. With the options of wood, glass, metallic, or white, there is a coffee table to match any grey couch. Just be sure to choose the one that suits your style and tastes the best.

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