what color coffee table goes with a gray couch

Styling your Gray Couch with a Coffee Table

Without adding too much color to the room, the coffee table can be used to decorate and accent the gray couch. Here are some tips to pick the perfect coffee table to go with your gray couch:

1. Coordinate with the Undertones of your Couch

When selecting a coffee table, you should consider the undertones of the gray in your couches. Look for a coffee table that enhances those underlying colors your gray couch carries. Coffee tables come in a variety of colors and finishes, so it’s important to see the wood color and metal accents.

2. Consider Your Color Palette

When looking for the perfect coffee table for your room, take into consideration your other colors like artwork, area rugs, and related furniture pieces. If there are several colors in your overall color palette, pair your coffee table with something that can be a neutral anchor for the whole room.

3. Go for Contrast

To add texture and interest to the room, contrast the color of the coffee table with the couch. Here are some great color combinations:

  • Neutral with Color: A beige, white or light wood coffee table is a great way to contrast the gray and give a subtle, elegant feel to the space.
  • White on White: Bring in a white or light gray coffee table for a crisp and clean look. Creamy white and taupe colors can also brighten up the room.
  • Pale Blue: If you want to bring in more color in the room, light blues are a great choice. Blues are closely related to gray on the color wheel, making this a great option for toning down the room with color.
  • Vibrant Colors: If you want to make a bold statement and liven up the room, try picking a bright and vibrant color like red, saffron, bright blues, and more. These colors work well with grays but can add a colorful and modern twist to your décor.

Selecting the right color for your coffee table can bring the entire look of the room together. Try using contrasting colors to give the room dimension, or stick with similar colors to match with the neutral feel of the gray couches. Have fun and experiment when selecting the ideal coffee table for your space.

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