what coffee table works with balkarp

What type of Coffee Table Works With a Balkarp?

Adding a coffee table to your living space will provide a convenient spot to put down your coffee cup or books. But, it’s important to consider size, shape and style when choosing a coffee table to pair with your Balkarp sofa. Here are some things to consider when selecting a coffee table that fits your Balkarps style:


The ideal size of the coffee table should be no more than two thirds the length of the sofa. This will keep the focus on your sofa, while giving a good sized area to place items on the table. If your sofa is a few inches shorter, go for a slightly longer table that comes no further than the edge of the couch.


The shape of the coffee table is something you should pay close attention to when choosing a piece that works with a Balkarp. A round or oval table with soft curves pair nicely with the sharply angled arms of the Balkarp. An additional benefit of a round table is the ability to see your furniture from any angle.


When selecting a coffee table for a Balkarp it’s important to choose a table that is of similar style. This could mean opting for a modern, minimalist style with a glass top and metal legs, or something more traditional with a wood top and ornate legs.


When it comes to a table that works with a Balkarp, you have some great options. Here are a few ideas:

  • Glass Top Coffee Table – A glass top coffee table with a modern metal frame will let the beauty of your Balkarp sofa shine.
  • Round Wood Table – A round wood table adds a touch of warmth and creates an inviting atmosphere.
  • Wicker Table – A wicker table gives off a relaxing vibe and adds a spaciousness to your seating area.

A coffee table is an essential addition to the living room and can help bring the style of your Balkarp sofa together. Choose wisely and you’ll have a great looking piece that adds both functionality and style.

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