what coffee table to use with oversized sofas

Choosing the Perfect Coffee Table to Compliment Oversized Sofas

Having an oversized sofa in your living room gives your space luxurious appeal, but it also requires extra consideration when you’re looking for the right coffee table to accompany it. Knowing the elements to look for—the size, shape, style, and material—can help you hone in on a perfect pairing that adds function and sleek style to a room.

Size Matters

The size of the coffee table matters most when it comes to oversized sofas. You don’t want the table to take up too much space, appearing clunky and cluttered, nor do you want a too-small table that won’t be properly supportive of your guests’ drinks or decor.

When selecting a coffee table for a large sofa, the general rule of thumb is to pick a similar size and scale. Generally, a table should be no smaller than two-thirds of the length of the sofa, with this measurement subtracted from the sides of the sofa’s arms. It’s also important to keep a few inches of space around the outside of the table, so that the design of the sofa isn’t blocked and there’s ample room for people to move around.

Shape and Style

Once you’ve settled on the size of the table, it’s time to decide upon the shape and style. If your large sofa has legs, you may wish to opt for a rectangular table to complement its structured look. A chunky, cushioned hardwood piece with an oversized wicker tray on top can provide exquisite texture that’s in-sync with soft, round-shaped sofas.

If you’re looking for a vintage-style decor statement, opt for an ottoman with a leather top, or a table fashioned from a vintage trunk. For a mid-century modern design, go for a metal table with a glass top. Consider your home decor to find the ideal combination that blends seamlessly with your oversized sofa.


The type of material you choose for your coffee table can lend character and enhance your sofas stunning appeal. Here are some of the most common and long-lasting materials for coffee tables:

  • Wood – Choose from a variety of stylish woods such as oak, cedar, birch, and teak. These materials look luxuriously classic and stand up well to wear and tear.
  • Cement and Stone -These materials are incredibly heavy and perfect for modern designs. Choose from an array of colors and shapes to find the right complement for your sofa.
  • Stainless Steel – This light and polished material looks good with contemporary designs. Consider glass and marble tops to create the perfect touch of sophistication.
  • Glass -Give your room extra light and an impressive look with a glass top and metal frame.

Finding the perfect coffee table to complement your oversized sofa can be an exciting challenge. With the right considerations— size, shape, style, and material — you can find a table with wow-factor that ties the look of the room together.

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