what coffee table looks good on a cow hide

Coffee Tables for Cow Hide Rugs

A cow hide rug can be the perfect centerpiece for any room and the addition of a coffee table can compliment your decor with a touch of style. Whether you’re looking for something modern, rustic, or a bit of both – finding just the right coffee table for your cow hide rug can be a challenge.

Types Of Coffee Tables:

  • Wooden: Wooden coffee tables are the perfect way to bring out the warm, rustic feel of a cow hide rug. To get an extra bit of style, select a wooden coffee table with uniquely turned legs or a distressed finish.
  • Glass: Adding a bit of modern style to a rustic room, a glass coffee table is a great choice. Select one with artistic etching or a unique shaped base to bring out the intricate designs of the cow hide rug underneath it.
  • Metal: Ideal for a contemporary or industrial-style home, metal coffee tables are a great pick for cow hide rug decor. Choose a coffee table with an interesting pattern or intricate cutout designs for added texture.
  • Stone: Many people go for stone coffee tables to bring a natural and elegant look. Select a white marble, beige limestone, or sleek granite top set on metal legs to give a room a touch of old-world charm.

No matter which type of coffee table you select, it’s important to make sure it’s the right size for your rug. You’ll want to make sure there is space between the coffee table and the rug for an easy walk-through without disrupting the rustic feel. Now you can enjoy the perfect duo for your decor: a cozy cow hide rug with a beautiful coffee table atop!

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