what coffee table looks good on a bear skin rug

How to Choose the Right Coffee Table

Choosing the right coffee table is an important part of any living space. When the conversation turns to which coffee table looks best on a bear skin rug, you can’t go wrong with a classic, natural option. Here are some tips for picking out the perfect piece for your home.


When pairing a coffee table with a bear skin rug, look for styles that lean toward the natural. A glass top or metal frame can interrupt the nature-inspired theme. Instead, consider pieces with a wood base, or something carved out of stone.


When selecting your coffee table, make sure that you keep the size proportionate to the room it will be in. Some bear skin rugs can be quite large, so choose a sizable piece that will balance the room. Be sure to also measure the heights of couches and chairs before you pick a table so that you can ensure the proportions are correct.


To keep with the natural idea, consider materials such as:

  • Wood – For a rustic look, choose a natural, unfinished option.
  • Stone – Granite, marble, and other stones are both beautiful and durable.
  • Leather – Leather tops make a bold statement and can add texture to a room.

The right combination of a coffee table placed on a bear skin rug will make an impressive visual statement in any space. With a few tips and considerations, you’ll be able to choose the perfect piece that complements the rug’s warm, natural character.

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